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Jenny Diehl

Jenny Diehl - Forever And Always

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Jenny Diehl - 4 Years

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Read the complete AZRE interview with Jenny Diehl from the
May 2014 Ocotillo Newsletter Edition of

[AZRE] – Hi Jenny, thank you so much for being here today and helping out with our first “Community Spotlight” featurette. To begin can you tell us a little bit about your new single and the meaning behind the lyrics?

[Jenny] – Sure! First and foremost “Forever and Always” is a love ballad; and while the song portrays the feelings about “true” love from a young girl’s perspective I believe the music and the lyrics will transcend all people of all ages. I am hopeful as people listen to this song the music will invoke an emotional connection to ones dreams and the reality that “true” love relationships can last “Forever and Always”.

[AZRE] – Wow! I’m awestruck by the meaningful depth of your lyrics ... where did you get your inspiration for this song?

[Jenny] – For this song my ideas came from observing my parents and their relationship they have with each other. It is long lasting and enduring, whereas I observe the world around me and I see many troubled relationships as well as relationships that seem to have little and inconsequential value. I like to look around at what is happening in my everyday life and put it into a perspective that many people can relate to. I learn from observing others and I try and find what can most influence me as well as others.

[AZRE] – Do you have any plans for a video release?

[Jenny] – Yes. I am currently working with a videographer in reviewing my storyboard ideas. Our plan is to film towards summer's end and wrap the video production shortly thereafter.

[AZRE] – Do you have any other songs you are working on now?

[Jenny] – Yes. I just finished recording another single titled "4 Years", which is also now on iTunes and Amazon. I wrote this song for my senior project at Hamilton High School. It reflects on my high school life and the lessons I have learned going through it. I have also finished writing my third song which I plan on recording soon.

[AZRE] – Can you describe for us how you hope your music will affect others?

[Jenny] – As I write music I hope to create positive messages that will inspire and uplift anybody who listens to it. I want people to keep listening to my music and feel great everytime they do.

[AZRE] – Who are some of your favorite musicians?

[Jenny] – I like Taylor Swift’s style of writing and her ability to connect well with the teenage girls around the world. Some other musicians include: Mindy Gledhill, Jayme Dee, Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis, Michael Buble, and Hunter Hayes.

[AZRE] – How would you best describe your style of your music?

[Jenny] – I would describe the style of my music as "easy-listening". Some friends/fans have written back to me thanking me for my music and how it has helped to personally lift them up.

[AZRE] – How do you compose your music for your songs?

[Jenny] – After writing my lyrics, I sit down at the piano and come up with a basic melody. I then work with my voice/piano teacher – Tim Glemser – and he embellishes the accompaniment for the piano. He is an amazing and accomplished pianist and I am grateful to him for helping to bring my music alive. By the way I would also like to thank Richard Talbot, the sound engineer at Talmage Studios for helping me as well. He is a master sound engineer.

[AZRE] – Thank you Jenny for your time today and for being a part of our community spotlight in the May 2014 Ocotillo Newsletter Edition of One last quick question, do you have a website for our readers to follow?

[Jenny] – I do. It is simply and I hope many of your readers take a moment to visit my web site as well. I would also like to thank for sharing my love for song writing and singing with my friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and new fans within my Ocotillo community.