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Walking Paths & Outdoor Amenities

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Last updated - June 12, 2018

Walking Paths

As summer quickly approaches and temperatures rise, enjoying outdoor activities to some may come earlier in the day or later in the evening to avoid the sun and heat. Those who are active and like to walk, jog, or bike and stay within the Lehi Crossing neighborhood, have the option of staying off the street...

Living in Stillwater Cove

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Last updated - June 18, 2018
Blog post co-authored with a happy client.

South Chandler Living in Stillwater Cove

When I moved to Chandler Arizona I knew I wanted to live Ocotillo, a premier golf course resort and lake community in South Chandler's popular ...

Summer Kick Off

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Last updated - May 24, 2018

Lehi Crossing is kicking off the 2018 summer with two important events. The first event is a major road-resurfacing project and the second event is a small business promotional to showcase the various product-based boutique businesses that are owned by local residents within the community....

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent

Buying a home will probably be the single largest purchase you will ever make. In many cases, it is also the singular largest asset you will own.  Ask yourself this question: “If I were to lose my home in a catastrophic event will I be more concerned about the premiums I was saving or the ability and reputation of the company that will now come to cover my losses?” Saving a little in the way of premium at the expense of proper and adequate coverage may not be your best option.

In today’s competitive world there is a myriad of choices among insurance carriers and products—including the particular policies, riders, deductibles, and exclusions of such products.  There are also important customer service differences in agents and in their office staffs.  Establishing a relationship with a good agent who is backed by a reputable and proven insurance company is essential.  Remember, a professional agent will be more concerned with helping you obtain...