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Summer Kick Off

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Last updated - May 24, 2018

Lehi Crossing is kicking off the 2018 summer with two important events. The first event is a major road-resurfacing project and the second event is a small business promotional to showcase the various product-based boutique businesses that are owned by local residents within the community.

Road Resurfacing Project

As with all communities wanting to keep their neighborhoods looking clean and preserved, the Lehi Crossing HOA (located in North East Mesa) decided it was time for an asphalt sealant to be laid down throughout the streets of the community to extend the life of the roads.

Nice resurfaced roads in Lehi Crossing, Mesa AZ

The project began in the last week of April and finished during the first week of May, making it a two-week project overall. Many neighbors within the community were very pleased with the communication effort and organization that took place by the HOA to ensure vehicles were able to get in and out of the neighborhood and to ensure the roads were blocked off in sections to help with traffic flow. Not only was communication given to local residents, but also the HOA committee ensured school transportation was made aware and aligned different pick up and drop off locations for school buses.

Living in a community with an active, capable HOA like the one in Lehi Crossing helps to make it an attractive, desirable place to live … and the responsive manner in which the HOA board members communicated with all the residents for this particularly large resurfacing project was nothing short of “outstanding!” Information was provided to residents through a variety of means, including:

  • Announcements were made at the yearly HOA meeting in April,
  • Flyers were placed on all garage doors of homes,
  • Emails were sent out, and
  • Information was distributed via one or more social media outlets.

In addition color-coded maps of the community were given out which showed the roads that were to be blocked off for each day, and by doing this residents were able to move their vehicles to other parts of the neighborhood while their road was being resurfaced. All members of the community worked well with one another, which in the end allowed for the resurfacing to stay on schedule and allow for the fresh look on the roads.

Small Business Boutique Promotional

To continue with the summer kick-off within Lehi Crossing, local residents have organized a Small Business Boutique Promotional to recognize those individuals within the community who own a small business.

This event was held on Saturday May 12th at one of the resident’s home. The boutique featured business owners of: Scentsy (wax candles), LulaRoe (modest clothing), LipSense (lipstick) and many other product businesses.

Lehi Crossing – a vibrant, tight-knit, connected community

A variety of community events—like the Small Business Boutique Promotional as described above and the Annual Neighborhood BBQ—are just two examples of the many activities held throughout the year in Lehi Crossing to help make this neighborhood one of the most desirable communities to live in the East Valley.

There’s even an Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween potluck, and a July 4th firework show throughout the year. In addition each month there is a wine club event for the adults in the community. Resident volunteers open their door to local neighbors to “meet-n-greet” and to build some friendships within this vibrant, tight-knit, connected community.


#1 By Cammie Bjarnson at 5/9/2018 4:02 PM

My family and myself have lived in the Lehi Crossing Community a year come July 2018. As we were looking for a new home we knew that we wanted a community in which our kids could be safe, and enjoy the outdoors with other neighborhood kids. Coming into the community we knew right off the bat that it was a safe location, and could tell that it was well maintained. Doing my research I knew it was a newer developing area and that younger families were coming into the area. After much work we were able to get under contract in a home within the community and moved in not long later. Right away we were greeted by neighbors welcoming us to the neighborhood and saw that it was what we were looking for as kids were out front playing and we could hear them as well in their backyards. My two older boys were so excited to see that they could ride their bikes as there is a walking/bike path close to our home and through out the neighborhood, and were also delighted to see parks near by. The biggest excitement was neighborhood kids were also going to the same school which allows for them to have playmates all the time. We have enjoyed all the neighborhood events from Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween potluck before trick or treating and the HOA BBQ held yearly. When I hear individuals thinking about relocating I always mention Lehi Crossing as I know everyone that moves in will feel just as welcomed as my family has.

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